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Looking for a product that will keep the truck from sagging. If you have the 4 wheel drive, then the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Air Helper Springs - Rear Axle # AL57375 are the better option. Is a re-arched leaf spring any good or is it a bad solution to fixing my worn out leaf spring problem? The place said they would slip out the middle leaf, re-arch it, install an add a leaf and new retainer clips for $400 both sides. In this style drive, the leaf springs do three things: Resiliently support vehicle, protect driver and load from damage by road shock. They will need to be re-cambered (heated and bent). The previous owner  6 Nov 2019 A little sagging is normal when you first hook up the trailer to your pickup truck. Once installed the add-a-leafs add additional arch to the leaf springs which will add height and weight capacity to the Ford F250. The cost will be more than just adding a leaf but I think it will be worth it. Identify sagging leaf springs. Tighten the left and right rear leaf spring shackle nuts. what do i do? i was told i have a few options -re-arching the leaf springs has anyone done it? how much does it cost? how reliable is it? -get used I have a new 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 and I have a 35foot camper. About a year after installing the original Old Man Emu and Tera Flex lift, the Cherokee is sagging. The top brackets are fastened to the frame with what I believe to be large rivets. I believe I have a case of box sag, although I have no idea what's causing it. You could rig to make look better, but, you ride it, and haul folks, spring for new springs, this is a safety issue more than anything. 2) Re-arched springs, with another leaf, for $280. I think I am going to install an Air Lift kit in the front to fix the problem. With the bags deflated the front springs (OE) are straight, the rear springs are bent beyond straight Air bags are a bolt on fix and ADJUSTABLE. Frankly, I'd look for a is a very common fix. Stock XJ Cherokee Tech. Is the "helper spring" seems the way to go, or should I replace the leaf springs period? I found this $100 Readylift "Helper Spring" The New Ford 2008 F250-450 has 8 inch longer rear leaf springs. Based in Atco, NJ, Dave Donovan has been a full-time writer for over five years. Springs Cushion Brake and Acceleration Torque Reactions. 5 In. It keeps going farther down until you feel like you're sitting in a hole. In article <5992E36EFDD59713. We have this done 3 or 4 times a year on brand new and used motorhomes. Under normal circumstances I would have no problem spending the money, especially when it is for  Because the leaf springs aren't fully activated, the additional weight causes the front of the vehicle to lift up and the rear of the vehicle to sag, producing these top five problems: 1) Proper front end steering alignment is thrown off balance,  You sit down on the sofa and your rear end doesn't stop. The stock springs are weak and will eventually flatten. Reinstall leaf springs and make sure the bolts are firm. As a matter of fact, the middle part where the leaf spring I guess is held together broke on the driver side. is that a sign that the truck was used for towing? What exactly causes this? (leaf springs?) Is iT a warning sign to stay away? (even if the rest of the truck is in great shape) How hard/expensive to fix? I HATE the way it looks I dont care if it is hurting anything or not I WILL fix it if a buy a If you're wondering how to fix leaf springs in your Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner, Land Cruiser, T100 or Pickup, read on for tips on leaf spring removal and replacement. 5-2in lower on the drivers side than the passenger. i bought a 2004 f250 CC LB with a donahoe racing 8" lift kit already installed. You can however use the SumoSprings Solo Custom Helper Springs - Rear Axle # SSR-307-47 for supplemental support. Several of you have probably seen the various threads and pics of it. Clamp the replacement pack (so they don't fly all over) by wrapping a chain or rope around them several times along the length. Many 1970, 1971 3 Oct 2018 My Jeep Wrangler YJ's got a real bad lean to the driver side in the rear. 5-10 LMM Duramax Powertrain. Clean the area with household spray cleaner, a scrub brush and rags to get it as clean as possible. Find OER Rear Leaf I had sagging leaf springs in the rear of my car. When you wish to buy new leaf springs for a Toyota , get them here at General Spring. 5 Performance COs/Shocks , Zone UCA's, Icon 1. To fix your gutter leak, start by scooping out all the crud. I have never seen the jeep, he just talks about it at work. For shocks I run Edelbrock Performer IAS. the "best" fix is dependent on how much $$$ you want to spend and what your goals are. Is your Club Car golf cart's rear or front end sagging? No problem. Apr 29, 2012 · I just today fitted new rear leaf springs today to my 65 fastback . I think that my leaf springs are sagging from sitting in the garage - I have some pretty serious rubs on the sidewalls on both sides now - and Dec 07, 2016 · Once I had the hangers bolted up I installed the new leaf springs. I do plan on replacing them just not in the next 2 weeks. The springs are the issue, and adding shackles, add-a-leaf's or what have you, only postpones the inevitable. The leaf packs, or leaf springs, position and center the The best way to fix the sagging rear of your Camaro is to replace the rear leaf springs. 18 Aug 2017 Sagging rear end when hauling! So I'm wondering if there is an affordable rear fix for this? I don't From what I've read the Xterra rear leaf springs good stock but do not hold up when adding a lot of weight like aftermarket  20 Feb 2016 Suspension & Brakes - Truck box sagging cause by leaf springs? - Hey all, I've got a small problem on my hands. Increase level load carrying capacity and help prevent sagging springs by 500, 1000, or 1500 Lb. m (92 lb ft) 9. Shocks don't support the weight of the vehicle, they are there to dampen the wheel itself from bouncing around too much and help it keep it in contact with the road. Im going to be cranking the t-bars between an inch a 2014 RAM 1500 CC Express 4x4, 5. We How do I raise the rear leaf springs and car height of a 1963 thunderbird 4 Answers. Once it's attached, the trailer will engage the leaf springs on the truck and straighten out the load. The leaf spring fits in the lowest point of the bracket, which hangs down from the car’s underside. If you're buying a kit the kit should offer AAL or new leaf packs, or you could get leafs from a junkyard or elsewhere. Apr 28, 2013 · Gives your explorer a better stance, eliminate rear sag which is a big problem with these trucks. A shackle is an integral component of the suspension system that attaches between the leaf spring and the vehicle frame. Like the guy who has his tail pipe welded on crooked. Hardware included. Bob, the 3rd generation, joined the family business in 1979 learning every aspect of car and light duty and heavy duty truck suspensions from install to repair to parts acquisition. Act as structural members to position axle, both lengthwise and crosswise, with regard to chassis frame. Tighten: Tighten the rear shackle nuts to 85 N. Could be leaf spring fatigue. airnews. Like couches and beds, daybeds can suffer from sagging as springs and other supports start to fail over time. forbidden , Nov 9, 2011 Feb 09, 2009 · Alright I am in the market for a used SUV. Luckily, the hanger, which mounts to the frame by way of two rivets and two bolts, took the brunt of the rust damage, and the underlying frame still has plenty of life and work left in it. My goal for this summer is to basically fix everything major wrong with the truck, so new leaves are in order. Apr 21, 2017 · update: I ended up ordering https://kingsprings. Anyway, I've never dealt with leaf springs so I need some advice. Well, like most people my rear leaf springs are sagging. After my crank and 2" shackle lift I sat 38 up front (huge tires). He says that the front springs are sagging from the weight of the motor, I don't think he has any lift on it. As for helper springs;  As for the sag, I really don't know. The next step was to stretch and weave webbing on top of the existing webbing to ‘lift’ the springs up that were well attached to webbing, but Aug 24, 2012 · The 7 leaf pack should be enough but as every one has said go to a truck shop they can make springs for you that would haul 5 tons, springs do get old (I wish I could still lift 250# ). Modern daybeds serve as the perfect spot for lounging, reading or taking a quick catnap. I've got a set of aftermarket springs to lower the front 1" to get rid of the rear sag look, but I haven't installed them yet. Can you say “SAG”, but we have SuperSprings for the 2008 Fords. Oct 22, 2010 · Re: Sagging rear end solutions? I get a used set, BUT leave the original main leaf in place on the jeep, cut the eyes off the main leaf of the used replacement pack. After all, rust can spread from one component under a truck to anything attached that's made of metal, and rust is one of the ultimate markings of bad If the back of truck is only sagging when hauling or using something like a turnover ball hitch, then yes - a helper spring is your best option. Fit as expected. Lastly, when leaf springs sustain damage due to overloading, the vehicle's axle will probably sustain damage as well. Unless you are a certified mechanic, it is not recommended that you attempt to replace My Jeep Xj 98” Rear Leaf Springs Are Sagging Alot Would A Add A Leaf Be Better Then A Shackle Lift Then Asked on Jul 29 i am looking to lift my jeep but just noticed they were sagging didnt know if one would be better to use then the other and i have heard about the leaf spring helpers that restore them to original form? Jun 17, 2008 · So I figured out why everyone thinks I leveled my truck: the leaf springs are sagging about a 1/2- 3/4. I'm sure it is an uneven rate, but you don't know it going down the road, and I don't really use it to haul stuff. Not quite. I installed some Helwig 550 half-leafs. Your pressures will vary of course and can be determine using at least one eyeball. They are designed to be a load-bearing spring more than a suspension spring. He has a 77 CJ-5 with a 360 in it. Ph (503) 691-8915 and installed them yesterday and the 2001 Ford Explorer SAGGING Rear End is GONE! I am still running the original leaf springs on my 1978 F150 truck. Gauges with AIH Delete, AIS Air Filter system, CCV Mod, 4' MBRP, BTS Trans, 6. The cleaner it is, the better your patch will hold over time. Tighten: Tighten the front sping nuts to 125 N. ATS offers Freightliner truck leaf springs as an HD truck leaf spring. Remove the four rear spring center plate bolts using a wrench. I have 255/60/15's on 8" rims, 4. Also can lift your trucks rear if it doesn't sag, all for 20 minutes and 17 bucks. So you have that measurement. Both variations are designed and manufactured in many different styles. Re: sagging rear leaf spring Not a big fan of changing. 25" Lift Shackles, P/N 153, from Warrior, Inc. His articles are featured on hundreds of websites, and have landed If your springs are sagging the best bet is to replace them, there’s no point in lifting saggy leafs. This will indicate that you should also check the ride height (See Cleaning and checking leaf springs) Examine the edges of the spring leaves, look for cracks. 1554015541155421554315544 I was talking about leaf springs on my old truckBut, I can honestly say, coils can sag too. This also explained the constant flashing of drivers' high beams from the opposite direction as my headlights were pointing directly in their eyes. Thanks in advance. Aside from its OE-compatibility, this product features a multi-leaf spring pack that's covered with Pro Comp's lifetime limited warranty. The rear leaf springs are shot and sagging on the passengers side. Great budget mod until a full lift kit is in the budget. Does this spring have the same dimensions as the 4cylinder model? Sep 24, 2017 · New owner, when have a load in the bed, I have notice significant sag in rear of truck. Does anyone else have springs like this? I have never seen leaf springs normally look like this with no load in the truck. 2009 Ford F150 will have 6 inch longer rear springs. On top of the springs not stretching enough, there seemed to be a plastic sleeve inside the clip which made it even more difficult to move a spring into place. hi performance from Scott Drake. au/ Kdrs-303 standard height Y62 Patrol springs off ebay australia. stock ride height. This condition is commonly caused when replacing stock or older "stiffer" style front coil springs with the newer soft riding more flexible coil springs. No sag, but there also wasn't anything in the back other than the canopy. Wasn't able to post this in the write up  8 May 2011 they would fix the sag issue and keep your ride height close to what it is now. The springs were too stiff and were angled so that to get them back in the clips, they would need to be stretched more than what appeared on the face of it. The new 5 leaf springs on the left side are flattened out also. Both wooden and metal slides are prone to bending or breaking, which inevitably causes your table to sag toward its center. If you’re buying a kit the kit should offer AAL or new leaf packs, or you could get leafs from a junkyard or elsewhere. Shims sound like they would be a lot easier than replacing the leafs(?). I've probably got over 100k on my trailer, it's been through a cuople sets of wheel bearings but luckly no springs or shackles. Because the leaf springs aren’t fully activated, the additional weight causes the front of the vehicle to lift up and the rear of the vehicle to sag, producing these top five problems: 1) Proper front end steering alignment is thrown off balance, causing the vehicle to have delayed steering response. Sometimes leaf springs can break, causing similar symptoms, and this will need to be replaced. They seem like they are a reasonable price. 5 coil overs and piggyback rear shocks, SPC Upper Control Arms, Atlas 6” Leaf Springs, Coach Builder Steering kit, Coach Builder +3 Shackles, BDS Recoil Traction Bars, Amp Research steps, Fuel Nutz two piece 20x12-44 offset wrapped with 38 I have two 6000lb lippert axles with 4 leaf springs on each axle. If using on original leaf springs stock shocks are plenty adequate. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. Camaro 5 Leaf Rear Spring, All Models 1970-1981 Rick's Camaros offers quality replacement leaf springs to lift the sagging rear of your Camaro. . Not sure what there for to be honest with you. As they sit with the boat on the trailer my springs measure 31 1/4 eye-eye. The outside heads are perfectly half round shaped as if manufactured in that shape. Leaf Springs listed in this catalogue have the 2 year warranty against the following:. I'll get that measurement for you so you can see what a non fatigued lift looks like. Maybe this Chinese spring steel(I suspect the grab-a-traks are Chinese but don't know for sure) is not being tempered properly or the alloy of steel is not correct any more. asked by: Brad B Not realizing that it was a common problem I just replaced them with stock 2-leaf springs. Dorman Products - 929-232 : Rear Leaf Spring. All Leaf springs are cambered on in-house designed and manufactured machines before being assembled, rate tested and inspected. Apr 27, 2010 · Hi guys, I have a 1999 Chev Silverado 1500 4x4 with the 4. I'm just looking for peoples opinions on the practice of re-arching leaf springs so I don't regret my decision. Vehicle Spring Repair & Service » Maines Oldest & Most Trusted Automotive Spring Specialists. Do you think I'd be at the right ride height if I kept the drop blocks in place, or eliminate them since the leafs are lower than stock???? Rear sagging happens to the best of us, . This is probably the cheapest fix . That thread title could be taken more than one way, lol! Just to be clear, this is a "temporary" fix to a sagging Maverick rear end! The yellow Maverick was a bit low in the rear end, and even though it only has 14,000 miles on it (that paper tag is still on the leafs, you can see it hanging down in the photos), after 30 years of holding up the ass of the car, the standard 3-leaf suspension Adding a leaf or 2 in your spring pack would be the best way IMO, Timbrens, or the Buyers suspension helpers will work as well but if your springs are sagging you need to work on them packs first. Joined: Oct 2, 2016 Member: #4744 Messages: 231 Gender: Male First Name: JOE Vehicle: 2015 Toyota Tundra SR5 Pro Comp 6 Inch Stage II Lift Kit with Icon 2. That is what makes the bushing one of the more critical parts to check when you fix sagging leaf springs on a truck. Even after you replace your leaf springs, if you’re constantly adding weight, then go with the helper spring. Mine currently are not in horrible shape, I want to do a mild lift at some point, so my plan is to just replace the leaf springs when that time comes and not spend money on Camaro Rear Suspension Guide: How to Restore Your Camaro Step by Step The Camaro rear suspension is a weak point of the 1967 and 1968, as we’ll explain little later on, but suffice it to say that the original monoleaf rear springs and rear suspension setup does not provide adequate control and performance, particularly for a V-8-powered Camaro. Some on here may have a better solution. Overloading the suspension is very common, and will result in cracks, and warped springs. Fatigued or rusted leaf spring causing a sagging suspension system? This replacement leaf spring will restore proper spring tension and suspension performance. my front driver side leaf spring is sagging about 1 inch. Club Car Leaf Spring & Club Car Suspension . Leaf spring shackles serve as mounting points for the spring itself. Let's call it $330. The install shop spec'd 60 lbs on left bags, 70 RF and 95 RR (100 psi max). But some less A leaf pack is intended to work together, so that's just a quick fix, not a solution. using this adjustable leaf helper spring. Lovells leaf springs are manufactured to the highest standard from Australian Made OneSteel micro alloy steel. Jul 17, 2017 · A set of wooden boards or metal plates, called slides, spans beneath table leaves to provide support under the joint between the separate pieces. I had a service guy upgrade to a five leaf spring and change out all four leaf springs hoping it would beef it up and fix the problem. This is the next day with my boat hooked up. Leaf Helper Springs can be added to most any car, truck or van with leaf springs. The truck is still sitting to low in the front. The Crown Automotive Heavy Duty Leaf Spring for Cherokee XJ's, is a replacement that can solve a bad sagging problem at the rear. JGB58 · Registered. What they did as a temporary fix until I could replace them is use exhaust clamps to keep them together. Nov 07, 2011 · We added another leaf and overloads to our 07F250, same issue with sagging. 0L Trans Cooler and Intercooler, DP-Tuner F6 chip, ITP In Tank Mod and Boost Annihilator, Diesel Innovation's Regulated Fuel kit, BTS Big Oil system, GTP38R Turbo with 1. Shes been loaded pretty heavily on a trip to I had sagging leaf springs in the rear of my car. Solution: Re-web on top of the existing webbing, tighten the springs and rebuild the seat base. Thicker leafs with an extra leaf as well. Never heard of that spring company before, so who knows if those are actually correct factory length replacements. Your truck is sagging If your truck sags excessively when carrying a load, your leaf springs are either going bad or you need to increase their capacity. Go Oct 26, 2015 · Leaf springs have a specific curvature when they come from the factory, and this curvature and the number of leafs in the spring pack, determines the load capacity and the ride height of the vehicle. When ordering Freightliner Truck Leaf Springs compare weight capacities and OEM numbers on chart to determine what Leaf Spring would best fit. All leaf springs are enamel dipped in Lovells Navy Blue ready for dispatch. The ride will feel unsafe and out of control. Jul 17, 2017 · Re-install the recessed light trim by hooking the springs into their designated spots. Is their an official fix to the notorious lean on the drivers side? Its currently sitting 1. This problem can be caught during the wheel alignment, because sagging coil springs can alter the wheel angles (especially camber) beyond what can be corrected during the wheel alignment. ADDING air bags does not solve the problem. If you get upgraded heavier duty packs like OME you will ensure a height increase. Something had to have changed to cause it to have a gangster lean. Slide the eyelet bolt into the bracket and spring, replacing the nut and twisting it clockwise to tighten it. And found this: I tightened the springs in a conventional and unconventional way. SuperSprings are easy to install, just jack up your truck by the frame and drop on. Good luck. Real stories from real customers. Verify that the lean condition is fixed. A prior owner added 4 air bags to our rig. They didn't do much to help the ride height. Rear Suspension fix for sagging leaf spring - temporary ofcourse (Read 6987 times) fix to the sagging rear end. But i couldn't find much information about them. Any of these problems and issues we will cover can occur on Double Eye Springs, C-Hook (reverse curl) Springs, and Slipper Springs at any time. I need to address this of course. 8 Aug 2017 Leaf springs (both parallel and transverse) were initially joined with "knee-action" shocks (left) of various styles before and their wealth of knowledge can be invaluable when trying to get your spring's rate correct the first time. re-arching, add-a-leafs, new springs, lifted springs and air bags are all options. It works great, and I haven't had any kind of "problem" with uneven spring rate or any of that. Well, not everyone can make it out to Michigan and Trumbull in Detroit, so we made this six minute video with Jeff Ford   What are leaf springs? Leaf springs are simple form of springs commonly used for the suspension in wheeled vehicles. Adjustable under leaf  Find OER Rear Leaf Springs RL5 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! OER offers reproductions of the Each OER rear leaf spring is designed to exact specifications to ensure a correct fit and performance. May 01, 2012 · How To Fix: As a general rule, leaf springs can be rebuilt, but sometimes a new spring pack is the answer. They also don't claim to raise the ride height of the vehicle. 5 body lift, OME 891 rear coils, BudBuilt skid plate, 1" diff drop, custom made bumper, sliders, Rancho Quiklift system front and RS9000XL's rear, EBC pads and rotors, KC SlimLites, Smittybilt XRC8, 1 Fix your sagging rear and bouncy ride with upgraded leaf springs from Total Control Products. He wanted to know the cheapest, easiest way to fix it, I told him to do a spring over, since that was what I did with my CJ. I've done some reading into it and  Features & Benefits. They will lift a side, but make the ride stiffer. Not too expensive at all but makes the ride a little stiff. J. went over to the dealer who has two more of these same units on the lot and they both sag to the right also. OEM leaf springs are designed to be in the middle of weight support and comfort. The camping gear and spare parts weigh far more than I would have guessed. My rear springs with 105,000 miles on them (and only driven to church on Sundays!) are sagging about an inch and a half to two inches vs. When checking your leaf springs, don't overlook the condition of the shackles because they can create problems also. Broken original springs - Certain vehicles have been known to have a very high failure rate of broken springs. His articles are featured on hundreds of websites, and have landed Aug 25, 2009 · If your springs are sagging the best bet is to replace them, there's no point in lifting saggy leafs. Anyway - tires are close clearance. When I hook up the camper, the back end of the truck sags really bad. A sagging leaf spring hasn't lost any spring rate, it's simply lost its spring load. you could also make a bastard pack at a junkyard for a good bit less than new leafs. Sagging rear leaf spring (Drivers Side) HELP! This is because Pro Comp leaf springs have a spring rate of 430 pounds per inch, and provides a two to four-inch lift, promoting a cost-effective way to achieve the desired ride height. add a leaf, air shock, helper air bag, helper coil spring, lift shackle, etc lean. I kinda learned a lesson here, I bought new front springs, stock, and rears which were 2 leafs added and everything was supposed to sit stock. The basic technology has been around since the days of covered wagons. 7. Timbrens will not carry a Cummins engine and an 810 on a truck with wore out springs A helper spring is a suspension enhancement product engineered to enhance, support, and help various types of original equipment suspension. It's pretty easy to de arch new springs If they are too high. sure i will probably get a LITTLE bit of a stiffer ride from these springs, but the fact that they are stiffer will also reduce more body roll, minimalize axle wrap, and allow me to get rid of my 3 Jul 07, 2016 · I don’t know what you saw. I have noticed that SOME have a sagging rear end. which i think is a great price for brand new leaf springs. I have a 1963 thunderbird that is sagging in the rear,by a about 1 inch, how can I raise the rear so that the sills are parallel to the ground as at the moment it is about 1 inch lower at the back i need to know if there is a way to fix the sagging ? I finally broke the code!!! after changing to new OEM leaf springs and Monroe shocks that did not help! I ordered the 1. They were off a SD as well 01 Excursion. 3. This simple tightening of the shackle bolts is another step that can fix sagging leaf springs. Leaf springs are the long, flat springs under the rear end of a car or truck. The rear of your classic 1967-1981 Chevy Camaro is supposed to be level with the front end, not hanging down to the pavement. However, these springs can only be activated if  We manufacture leaf springs all year long, and one thing everybody who comes to the shop wants to see is how it's made. Leaf Springs - Leaf Springs 22-1013 Rating: 5 Stars I Would Buy All Hard To Find Parts For Suspension Here. Most good shops can build spring packs far better then any on line replacements. May 27, 2010 · My rear leafs on the cherokee are sagging, I can see thru the leafs and their almost reversed arched. To fix this problem, it looks like there are four options: 1) Replace the spring pack with an OEM pack 2) Add a set of shackles sagging front leafs are inevitable in all makes with diesel engines. It worked! No more sagging. At Suspension Connection we are the #1 retailer of Tuff Country products in the world. How-to » Steering & Suspension » Suspension » How to Replace Leaf Springs Note: This is a general guide for all vehicles. Sagging a little bit. The arch height determines the ride height , but its almost always measured free with no weight. Finding a leaf After looking at all the traditional options I came up with a “creative solution”, and as a simple fix decided to add an extra leaf. You want to follow the basic rules of changing leaf springs, but there are a few Excursion specific steps you want to look out for. This pair of leaf springs features a four and a half leaf count which is recommended for moderate performance and spirited street driving. Doug Armstrong Springs was a renowned suspension install and repair shop making their own leaf springs and u-bolts. A summary of how different shackles can impact a leaf spring suspension. 75 In. Oct 23, 2009 · Hi I have a 2001 Nissan Frontier 4cyl single cab 2wd. Try a fresh Club Car leaf spring kit and getting riding smooth again today! Shop all of our suspension parts for Club Car DS, Precedent, & more below. How to Replace Leaf Springs Select Vehicle. net >, "Spears" <spears@fastlane. If you’re starting to sway when you hit a pothole or bump in the road, it’s time to inspect your leaf springs. Here are before after photos. In addition, when the rear springs sag, the headlights point higher and can dazzle drivers in oncoming cars. I removed the fabric. But I sometimes fill the back up with camping gear, no problems. My boat is a 17' bowrider w/O/B much like yours & the trailer looks to be the same. Discussion Starter I've got an extra leaf spring in there that I addd due to mine sagging after heavy use, so at some point we'll be looking at a new set of leaf springs. Especially if you tow! How many old cars do you see that "look" like their lowered and its the sagging coil? I see them, but thats me, I look at that stuff. Breakage; Sagging (being loss of free height of more than 10mm). Hopefully without having to replace them. Since I must work on the street, under jacks, I'm looking to solve my problem with the easiest, but solid, fix. There are two basic types of helper springs: steel springs and pneumatic springs, more commonly known as air springs. When springs do fail, a collision or severe suspension damage is to blame, or the weight limit of the vehicle has been exceeded. Check the leaf springs. Any of these combinations will work, with V and B spring codes being the most popular choice. What could possibly cause the sagging of solid pieces of steel like leaf springs? Could also combine springs from 2 or more packs to increase capacity. A sagging car can mean trouble, so learn more about how the leaf springs can be re-arched to fix the problem. For leaf springs 1. I would expect leaf springs to last at least 12 of 15 years but it doesn't appear that is the case any more. Alcan does excellent work, and their price is about 1/2 what you would pay for OEM Toyota. 4. It allows for the leaf spring to work through length changes during suspension articulation. 4427AE4C727212DA. This month we'll lift the rear of our '69 Newport and reduce 60 foot times at Installing Old Man Emu JCXL Add-a-Leaf Springs to a Cherokee XJ. A prime example is a 2017 Ford F-350 test truck with tiered springs in the rear and overload springs that come into play to handle the full-rated load, leading to a drop in the rear when a load is placed in the bed. Pick up the end near the front of the tire. The rear leafs have settled an inch and the extra weight we're carrying now makes it worse. Like coil springs, leaf springs are susceptible to sagging when they become weaker. Chevy / GMC Duramax 07. Originally called a laminated or carriage spring, and sometimes referred to as a semi-elliptical spring or cart spring. If you have the factory air suspension system then aftermarket air springs cannot be used. It's probably the springs, sagging under the focused weight. those springs are under a bit of tension but not enough to fly across the garage (maybe 4 feet at most) May 04, 2013 · Well, leaf springs are measured from eye to center pin & center pin to eye along the surface or arc of the spring. I've found these springs at Northern Tool and think they may be what I'm looking for. These horseshoe-shaped metal rods are fitted around the axle and are secured to the metal plate resting against the leaf springs. Dorman Products - 929-108 : Rear Leaf Spring, 6 Leaf Pack. netREMOVE> wrote: > I have a 99 EB 4x4, and I was wondering if it is normal for the rear end to > appear to be sagging All you need to know. The leaf or the complete spring must be replaced as soon as possible by a garage. If the springs are bad, it is very easy for the average car owner to know. Maybe it's aftermarket, but I really don't know. The are the same leaf count and width, but the eye-eye Re: Best fix for a saggy 4Runner « Reply #11 on: Mar 13, 2006, 10:24:11 AM » That coil spring set up is cool and seems pretty easy, i will look into it some more. These types of leaf springs can be found on boat trailers, utility trailers, and enclosed trailer so make sure you check every trailer you may have to avoid suspension issues in the future. What do you recommend to fix this? Looking at helper springs, add a leaf and air bags. Every day, pickup truck and van owners are finding out why Roadmaster Active Suspension is the most complete suspension upgrade on the market. Price was cheaper than advertised price at the US parts dealers. If your vehicle is sagging or seems to be weighted down in the front or back, you should bring it in. Proven to strengthen leaf springs while improving performance at all times, our product is a one of a kind upgrade which provides many additional advantages The CORRECT fix is to take to a Spring suspension shop and they will either re-arc the existing defective leaf springs or add a leaf with a spacer if needed. Springs don't last forever, and if you're considering  I haven't had to buy a set of leaf springs in years but they used to be pretty cheap. Is there "fanning out" (space between leaf ends)? Are the spring clips/rebound clips there, and not loose? If not, then time to repair or replace. Leaf springs are the most simplistic and inexpensive suspension system for your 4×4. THREE-OF-A-KIND KITS: The Pacbrake Amp system consists of three separate kits. If you do not have access to an alignment lift, you can use Freightliner Truck Leaf Springs. 047D8E80739FF2B5@library-proxy. They gave me an inch of extra lift (maybe even a little more). 5" backset. 15 A/R housing and BDP The original springs were toast - The new leaf packs are made to factory replacement specs, mounted under the axle to lower the rear. To add a leaf I acquired a set of used truck helper springs from my brother. 5-10 LMM Forums. Restored stock ride height to sagging rear springs. Being a 2000 chevy blazer s10 4dr, parts were hard to come by , but these guys had them and they fit perfectly. Designed to stabilize and reinforce a vehicle's chassis, coil springs and shocks are critical components of a vehicle's suspension system. The previous owner used some air shocks to try and quick fix the problem, however those leaked, and were unusable. Jun 21, 2017 · 1967-1969 Front Coil Springs SB w/o AC Premium Quality 1968 - 1969 Leaf Springs Set, Multi Leaf, Rear, 5 Leaf, Pair, USA 2 of : 1967 - 1969 Camaro Koni Red Front Shock, Each 1967 - 1969 Camaro Koni Red Multi Leaf Rear Shock, Each I don't know if its appropriate on this forum to mention the vendor, so I will leave that out until told otherwise. 1998 Jeep Cherokee. 1) HD Rear Leaf Springs Nissan Xterra 2005-2013 | General Spring "HD Rear Leaf Springs": These claim to be heavy duty leaf springs. They are the original springs. Also the rearched springs tend to sag pretty quick. It looked to me as though it was to fix sagging springs & keep them together. Dec 07, 2017 · A 3" add-a-leaf on springs that are already apparently worn out probably isn't going to really fix it either is it?? Curious what you guys think. m (63 lb ft) 8. Yes, no matter where the leaf springs are installed (over or under the axle), U-bolts are always necessary. You could also do a Long leaf add a leaf. 8l, Short box regular cab. Next, remove any oxidation and apply the sealer (Photos 1 and 2). These are the type that mount under the leafs  23 Nov 2015 Watch Bryan from The Spring Works make these leaf springs like new again. If body mounts are good, and the springs are even (left/right), it may be frame and/or stabilizer bar. Anyone noticing any sagging of the leaf springs of their camper, I own a 2018 3170 BH which has sagged on the right side, Grand Design provided me with new leaf springs but the unit still sags to the right. Just place the plywood between your mattress and your box spring, in the area where you need the fix. The u-bolts keep the leaf springs flushed against the axle, making them able to bear the weight of the cargo. So I will explain two cases: Case 1: This is a normal upright leaf spring: (Photo from google search. Whether your pack is new or rebuilt, it should be manufactured with quality materials and Guys and Gals, take a look at the picks of my springs I posted. com My only issue with it is that it may net me too much lift. These simple to install suspension upgrades mount between the rear leaf springs and chassis to increase your load capacity up to 5000 pounds with the power of air pressure. Could I fix this with an add a leaf kit? Calmini in bakersfield makes one for the V6 2wd. When a vehicle starts to show signs of sagging, it's the springs. I Noticed the problem of the old leaf springs when I upgraded to the single adjustable QA1 shocks, and I began bottoming out over bumps with the family in the car. Thing rides rough in the back end now (crew shortbox) but at least it is not sagging and can support some weight now. You sit down on the sofa and your rear end doesn't stop. I looked into the skyjacker leaf pack: Skyjacker Softride Lift Leaf Springs CCR25S - SummitRacing. The trim should now sit tight against the ceiling. Close. 5" Rear Springs, Hellwig 7709, Softoper, ICI Trophy Front Bumper, Barricade Extreme HD Rear Bumper, Custom Rock Sliders, Customr Tire Carrier Swingout, Mopar Front Diff Skid /Tow Hooks, Black Widow Venom 250 Muffler, UPR CC, NFAB Bed Spare Carrier, Raceline Clutch 17x9 bringing this question back as i need to do this asap: ive disassembled my 29 fords model AA rear leaf spring packs (16 leafs each 1/4" thick) and usually the center tie bolt is rusted/worn out it snaps. $200 including shipping. We repair and replace damaged and broken leaf springs on any vehicle. Anyway, I went to my Camaro and the leaf springs were rotted. This pair of leaf springs features a four leaf count which produces a ride slightly firmer than stock Mustang GT leaf springs. com. So, I have a few options: 1) New OEM springs, about $140 per side plus shipping. Now heres the difficult part. Ignore the text details) If you take this spring assembly, invert it as it is and reassemble in the vehicle it will be curing the infamous bronco lean Drivers side lean or less common, passenger side lean in the front of your Early Bronco distracts from it's appearance. Install the light bulb and turn the circuit breaker back on. Does your truck have a lift on the front? 1 May 2009 The obvious solution to this issue would be to fix it the “right way” and either replace the leaf springs or have them re-arched. The new springs may fix the problem. Archived. budget fix sagging leaf springs I just bought a 2001 XJ I am not interested in lifting the jeep i just am looking for a CHEAP way to take the sag out of the rear leaf springs. wide. This is one of the coil springs that I removed from my 1971 CS F250 to level the sagging bed. 15-20 years of abuse and salt around here will have them break. I had a sagging prob with the rear left on mine, and put in an add-a-leaf. May 19, 2016 · 5th Wheel Trailer Suspension Failure – Replaced with our RV Warranty! Posted on May 19, 2016 by Roads Less Traveled You never know what might break on an RV, and during our RV travels back in 2015 , going from Arizona to Nova Scotia and back, we faced four major repairs on our then 8 year old fifth wheel trailer , all in four short months. If the Hellwig helper springs help eliminate sagging leaf springs, and improve load and towing support. I then could assemble the shackles on the rear hangers and simply lift the rear spring eye into place and bolt together. Dirt cheap, confortable ride, and it will bring the rear up a few inches. 7L, 65RFE, 3. Check the condition of the leaf springs; looking for damage, wear and tear. Keep the rear end of your Ford Motorhome from sagging when towing or carrying a heavy load with a set of Air Lift air bag helper springs. Aug 29, 2019 · Screw the leaf spring to the front bracket with a ratchet wrench. Sagging 02 Leaf Springs. 02 Limited 4wd: Procomp MT's, Black Cragar Soft 8 wheels, 1. everthing i've read from the patrol owners in australia say it provides a 1" rear lift, so it evens the ride height out. 2002 Tacoma 4wd v6 Joined Mar 20, 2007 · 133 Posts . TCP leaf springs are manufactured from the finest alloy steel and offer the best quality on the market. If your mattress has a slight sag, or you notice it might need more support in a certain area, in some cases you can fix it with plywood. My '92 was sagging also, it was the leaf springs. If you have to, resort to a toothbrush for crevices. If they are damaged, replace them with new ones. I first noticed this a year or so ago, brought it into a mechanic wh Tuff Country add-a-leafs are an economical way to lift your F250. Feb 06, 2010 · Now my question is I have the original leaf springs and 1 inch drop blocks on them. Designed to be added to the existing leaf springs. Remove the springs and place on a clean surface. way to raise it and since the leaf springs sit Fix your sagging rear and bouncy ride with upgraded leaf springs from Total Control Products. I was a little reluctant about trying a "quick fix" for my sagging leaf springs, but the spring helpers worked as advertised. I have not seen anyone happy ( including myself ) with an adD a leaf which they purchased, it is usually one thick ass leaf, and rides horrible. Plus they seem to be making a clunking noise on certain bumps. to 2. Well it did not change anything. My 77 Nova's (305ci) rear suspension sags. Jun 08, 2018 · The other option included adding an additional leaf to the existing springs, but Christian worried this was a band-aid over a problem that would happen again in a couple of years. It really isnt sagging all that much, so when you replace the leaf packs you may be suprised to see little difference. Resiliently control brake and torque applications. My truck is a 2004 z85 with 105k miles on it, and I already know that my tb's are sagging pretty significantly. The couch looked good otherwise so they extended its life use for a number of years more. I got a set of code Us for the front and As for the rear and they work just fine. All XJ Non-modified/stock questions go here - Fix Sagging Leaf Spring (Stock Susp. 54623 I had sagging leaf springs in the rear of my car. Firstly, at my own cost of $510 I had to replace the rear leaf springs as the vehicle was sagging so badly the tow bar was only 175 mm from the ground and would bottom out on every speed hump. I would suggest, given the added weight of your camper shell, considering an add-a-leaf with your new springs. 90. as for a AAL that could get you by forever who  Some of the more obvious symptoms are a cracked leaf or the rear of the truck in a constant sagging position (lower in rear). Are there any quick and cheap fixes to stiffen things up a bit, w/out getting new leafs or add a leafs right away. You can also try adjusting the torsion bars, but buying new torsion bar adjuster bolts from the dealer are always a good idea if your hardware is rusty. Many Camaros out on the road today have the rear end sitting much lower than the front. The pressed in bushing side of the spring mounts to the front spring hanger, once in place I just let the spring hang down. I actually took a hit on another set of new springs for the front, Dodge van ones actually and had a leaf added to one side plus re-arching both brand new (1 month) rears. An add-a-leaf *can* help, however, in your case it would be more of a bandaid fix, as your springs would still be worn out. Step 3 - Reinstall, Align and Adjust Leaf Spring. May 23, 2012 · Heavy cars like Chrysler C-Bodies are known for wearing out their rear leaf springs and developing a sagging rear end. was a perfect fit , price was great and received them in a timely manner. A leaf  . the total to purchase two leaf springs and have them shipped to my door is $319. This is the day I bought it. Also, I have an 08. Most shocks you can actually compress by hand. Great Jul 07, 2013 · It's the springs. they're being delivered next week. For more than 50 years, General Spring has been a suspension authority and a provider of leaf springs for all kinds of trucks. ) - Here's a short write-up on how to fix the stock sagging leaf springs. I am wondering if the metallurgy is bad or they are the wrong installed springs. Is there lean to the left? With a driver inside? If yes, then time to repair. Inspect the rear leaf springs, make sure none are cracked. Like I said, Don't know if this info will help, but it would be a cheap/quick fix just to go camping for the weekend. I'm not near my truck or I'd give you some measurements of my rear w/ 2 inch shackles. The shackles are angled toward the rear at about 45° angle. I've heard worn out shocks can be the cause of sagging, but I don't understand Closer inspection shows that the mini-trucks’ sagging and leaning rear suspension is due to a leaf spring hanger succumbing to rust and failing. Possible Causes. Once you have decided on your springs you can easily make the swap. 92's, LSD Accutune valved King 2. I'd say they cured 75% of my problems with the rear tires scrapping the wheel well when going over a bump in the road. , my rear started sagging ten years ago. The Ram has coil springs not leaf springs. Bad vehicle coil springs and shocks negatively impact a vehicle's stability and can cause a host of driving-related symptoms. Posted by 5 years ago. Sagging when loaded - Vehicles used for family transportation, RV's, works trucks, or sales fleets can benefit from upgrading to heavier duty leaf springs. I am going to Bonnaroo in 2 weeks, so shes going to be heavily loaded. These "look" saggy, in front of the rear wheel, but my XJ How To Fix A Sagging Mattress With Plywood. While new Jeeps and SUVs these days typically come with coil springs, leaf springs still exist on the rear of most pickup trucks (Ram 1500s and 2500s being the exception). I decided to replace the rear leaf springs with different one's to settle it out a 20 Nov 2013 Leaf Helper Springs might be the answer to the rear of your vehicle sagging due to a heavy load. Buy Online or Call 800-358-4751. Inspect the floor pan, as well as the chassis member closest to the mounting, for evidence of rust. Tighten the left and right front rear leaf spring nuts. Fractures found in the spring leaves cannot be repaired by welding. The new leaf springs have a 1 inch drop since they're mideye but my old ones were already sagging. _____ Oct 27, 2019 · Our friends from church had that problem and they put a piece of plywood under the cushions that rested on the frame on each side. 07. You might consider a new leaf spring pack. Leaf springs are meant to absorb the extra energy that comes from bumps. We’re going to show you the the process and tools required to replace the leaf springs under your car. Fortunately, it's often cheaper to repair the springs than replace. I read through all the old posts and I wanted to do a summary to see if I understand my options and get everyone’s opinion. If you have factory heavy duty springs that are starting to flatten or you have added weight from towing or after market bumpers and need the extra support, this leaf spring is what you need to get you back on the trail or road. You will often see a lot of older Jeeps and pickup trucks that have these to correct rear end sag. Sep 17, 2012 · If it’s a leaf-spring suspension – some amount of sagging happens with age, with the springs losing their tension. fix sagging leaf springs

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