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This is because they are the first in the signal chain, making them the most significant tubes when it comes to improving tone. EL34 comparison Mullard vs Siemens vs Sovtek vs Telefunken vs Svetlana vs Electroharmonix, The 5751 has only 70% of the gain of a regular, typical 12AX7. The 5751 is a different story. Euro Audio Team-Eat ecc803s/12ax7 pair of new in box gold pin tubes These ECC803 Double Triode pair of valves comes with a Cool Damper pre fitted which offers a more controlled and deeper bass, a more open and detailed sound stage, and crisper and greater dynamic range. One of the 2 or 3 "holy grail" 12AX7 tubes ever made at any time, you have to hear these to understand why they are so rare and costly. Mar 29, 2009 · ECC is a european designation, hence Marshall, from England came with ECC-83 pre-amp tubes, while Fender [american] came with 12AX7's, same tube, different designation. Some folks have reported them to be a smidge What are the types of Mullard 12ax7 tubes on eBay? On eBay, you can find previously owned 12ax7 tubes sold as collectors items or as parts for mid-20th century vintage instruments. The 12DW7's are super low gain (about 80% less than a 12AX7. RCA and Sylvania first introduced the 12AX7 to the world in the late 1940s. But read your manual or look online to make sure yours does before shelling out for a Telefunken 12AX7. 300-150. And believe it or not, I found that the most magical-sounding combination of 12AX7 tubes inside of this preamp is a current production (Russian) Gold Lion 12AX7 followed by a Tungsol 12AX7. Because of the high gain, 12AX7 in V1 has a lot of effect on sonics. 029: Japanese 12AX7/ECC83 12AX7's from vairous I'm sure NOS tubes are great, but I can't justify paying $50-$150 per preamp tube. These work GREAT in some gear, but it really depends on the circuit design. g. Learn more Jan 04, 2019 · The 12AX7, 12AT7, and 12AU7 all belong to the same family of nine contact, twin triode tubes. Durable, low noise/microphonic double triode, close by characteristics to the 12AX7/ECC83. We carry a vast number of 12AX7 tubes to help you get the right sonic from your gear. -Henry Related: tube 12ax7 lot 12ax7 tube nos 6bq5 tube tube 12au7 tube 12ax7 mullard 5ar4 tube 12at7 tube 12ax7 tube telefunken 12ax7 lot 6v6 tube 12ax7 tubes 12ax7 tube pair Refine more Format 12AX7. 4 Stage Vacuum Tube Preamplifier featuring Gain, Active Bass & Treble, Passive Mid and a 3-Band Semi Parametric EQ that provides 15db of cut or boost from 30Hz Distributors of Ruby Tubes and a full line of amp parts, accessories, tools and publications. The 5751 has a mu of 70, while the 12AX7 has a mu of 100. The discriminating music enthusiast can find date-matched pairs or sets as well as 12ax7 tubes with the "BVA" logo. 12AX7 tubes are high gain with a typical amplification factor of 100. Jun 12, 2013 · For the 12AX7 tubes, it is remove & replace. Tube. Plate Voltage (max). Clearly Shuguang believes these tubes to be substantially better than their everyday siblings. Big, warm, and musical. Amps I've tried the above tubes in have been my old Ampeg v4, Sound City 120 and Univox ux1501. Tubes have been sound tested without any issue, Their Trans conductanc Our 12AX7's provide the maximum level of high gain output and overall tonal quality with unsurpassed consistency and reliability. 00: 12AX7. DOUBLE TRIODE ECC82 is 12AU7 medium gain pre-amplifying double triode. Also, as tube manufacturing became refined, the 12AX7A became much quieter. 12AX7, 7025 and 5751 Tubes 12AX7, 5751 and 7025 tube reviews by John Templeton. If they will work, they are indeed excellent tubes. The NOS ECC83 (12AX7) Tungsram vacuum tubes have been checked by a calibrated Hickok 539B vacuum tube tester. Has a smoother midrange similar to NOS Mullards (though not quite the same). DOUBLE TRIODE ECC83S is 12AX7 high gain pre-amplifying double triode. We will take a look at why you might, or might not want to swap out the different types of tubes. It is a "ruggedized" milspec variant on the 12AX7 with an identical pinout. Sweet warm mid range tone, complements tone of European amps. 12AX7s are components, early in the circuit, that determine how clean or, how lush, layered and massive the high gain will be – not to mention all the tonal shades of grey in between like clipped, overdriven and crunch sounds. 12ax7 ecc83 12AX7 is a miniature dual triode tube with high voltage gain. Mike, I just put it V1 of my 51 5150 50 watt head. First off, the 12AX7 tube is a preamp tube and its pretty much a standard in all tube amps. These are other customers' choices: Customers who looked at this item have  Go and see the doctor: Find all of our products here: our newest product line of high-end blackplate tubes, our famous premium selected tubes, and the  A Chinese version of the 12AX7-C. These are the biggest tubes in an amp that pump out serious wattage. ) The Shuguang folks make *kickass* power tubes, but their preamp stuff is below average - so far. The 12AX7 is by far the best known preamp tube among guitar players Cryo 12AX7 / ECC83 Cryo 12AY7 Cryo 12BH7 / 6350 Cryo 12DW7 / ECC832 Cryo 5751 Cryo 6922 / 6DJ8 / E88CC / 6N1P Cryo 6C45PI Cryo 6CG7 / 6FQ7 Cryo 6H6P / ECC99 / E182CC Cryo 6N23P-EV Cryo 6N30P Cryo 6SL7GT / 5691 Cryo 6SN7 / 5692 / 6H8C Cryo EF86 Super Cryo Preamp Tubes Cryo Power Tubes-> Cryo Rectifier Tubes-> NOS 12AT7 NOS 12AU7 NOS 12AX7 NOS 12BH7 Hi quality Push Pull Amplifier with PL500 / PL504/ EL500 / EL504 / 6GB5 /6P41S /27GW6 and 12AU7 /ECC82 and 12AX7 / ECC83 This is hi quality bass guitar amplifier with output TV sweep tubes PL500 PL504 27GB5 EL500 EL504 6GW6 6P36S 6P41S 6GB5 push pull class AB2 VTPH-1 Vacuum Tube Phono Preamplifier (original factory supplied tubes) Sovtek 12AX7/WA OR 12AX7WB AND JAN-Philips 12AT7WC Preamplifier Vacuum Tubes The Psvane Reference T Series of tubes was created to offer an equally high-end line that included common small signal tubes—the 12AX7, 12AU7, and 12AT7. The Ei ECC83 / 12AX7 tubes in these precisely matched pairs, trios, quads, and sextets were made in pre-war Yugoslavia and labeled for Audio Research. mA. The clean tone from this tube was head and shoulders above even the Mullard. New & NOS tubes from Tung-Sol, Electro-Harmonix, JJ & more! High Gain, ultra-low microphonics, and superb linearity with a dynamic 3-D sound. So far it’s a good value compare to the Siemens 12AX7 considering it is about half the price. A Chinese version of 6N2P exists, labeled in Latin lettering (instead of Cyrillic) 6N2. Otherwise, the 7058 IS a 12AX7. Unfollow tubes 12ax7 to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Their pins are keyed so they can only be inserted one way in the socket. 7025 was the designation used for a heavy duty version of the 12AX7. Not only was the tone improved, but these tubes are pretty quiet. In many cases, these tubes are interchangeable and can easily be swapped. We just completed another tube and hifi shoot-out tonight at my apartment. CLICK ON THE BOXES BELOW TO EXPLORE OUR INCREDIBLE STOCK OF NEW OLD STOCK TUBES, VALVES, TUBE TESTERS, AND OTHER GEEK STUFF! These pages are long and loaded with tubes. There are many 12AX7 on the market today. Brimar ECC83/12AX7/CV4004 - Click to enlarge photos: «« MORE MULLARD & BRIMAR TUBES »» $20. You'll also  Preamp tubes NOS and like new - the best of the best! Developed by RCA and released in September of 1947, the 12AX7 is a high gain / low noise tube that is the most popular tube used in input / inter-stage audio  12AX7 Pre-Amp Tube. Among medium mu, high transconductance tubes (like the 6922), there are a few other choices, like the 5687 and its relatives, that I personally like better. I have been reading some things online but I am still a little confused. 12AX7 PREAMP TUBES. Preamp Tubes – 12AX7 / ECC83 / CV4004 / 5751 Tube Basics and FAQ. Most audio pre-amps use a 12AX7 tube. A starting guide to NOS vacuum tubes [Italian version] People sometimes ask me to recommend a particular vacuum tube for audio applications. 6. It  9 Oct 2019 The 12AX7 is a high-mu twin triode (the mysterious ‚mu' means amplification factor, e. It was developed around 1946 by RCA engineers  19 ก. It utilizes a medium length ribbed plate design that is much like the old Amperex and Brimar European designs. How do you test 12ax7 preamp tubes? Some of them keep going bad on my Peavey XXX 112 combo and I need to see which ones it is. 00 Did you know that Electro-Harmonix makes many of the world's greatest vacuum tubes? The next time you need to re-tube your guitar, bass, or hi-fi amp, be sure to insist on getting authentic Electro-Harmonix tubes. 026: Svetlana 12AX7/ECC83 Real Svetlana tubes made in St. From the red dot in the image is the selected control point, you can see that the network voltage is -1V, the board voltage is around 130V, and the board current is at 0. Purchase 12AX7 / ECC83 vacuum tubes online, in stock and ready to ship! Find reviews, data sheets and specs to help upgrade your tube amplifier and  12AX7 (also known as ECC83) is a vacuum tube that is a miniature dual triode - 6AV6 with high voltage gain. The main event is the "Battle of 12AX7" which is something I have tried to organise for the last two months or so. Classifieds: FOR SALE - Many preamp tubes: 12BZ7 (12AX7), 12AX7, 12AT7, 12AU7 -- great tubes at great prices! asking for $12. Tube 12AX7. Serious musicians know the tone is in the tubes, and Ruby Tubes deliver. 75 PAIR (TWO) Factory Matched and Balanced Telefunken Elektroakustic E88CC 6922 Black Diamond Tubes The Groove Tubes GT-12AX7-C preamp tube brings back the ever-popular and sorely missed Chinese 12AX7! This Gold Series tube has a warm, fat, old-style tone favored by blues players and the classic rock crowdCountry of origin: China The JJ ECC83S is a High quality, low noise replacement for any 12AX7 type tube. Great bang for the   The Mesa/Boogie MESA 12AX7 is a premium-grade preamplifier tube. In most cases, they will sound better Telefunken 12AX7 ribbed plates - a typical soft, unfocused 12AX7 sound with big, soft, images allied with a bright bass shy character. 12AX7 is a high gain tube often used in the first stages of tube amps. One day, in the middle of work time, a colleague entered my office to ask something and from the corner of my eye I glimpsed a man who was staring like hypnotized into an amplifier. Ge Sound - 12AX7 Tube Preamp Kit. Ed. It's designed to provide high gain output with an overall balanced tonal quality. These are available graded for High Gain and a lso available with current Balanced triodes for phase inverter use and Balanced and Matched in pairs or multiples. Tubes pull straight out to remove. What are the best (non-NOS) 12ax7 tubes to use for the Mesa Mark series amps? Also is it worth changing the preamp tubes if the amp seems to be working (with potentially 20 year old pre-amp tubes)? I went to the Sovtek's website and ranked the 12 different pre amp tubes they sell by price. Amperex 12ax7/ECC83 for sale. Quantity: Add to Cart. Specification and max ratings(*). The Telefunken 12AX7 also has a very long life span and will outlive all cheaper 12ax7's by a mile. 4. Tubes are vintage and used. We have a full selection of replacement tubes in stock & many are eligible for free shipping. For T-Rex Room-Mate, Squeezer and SpinDoctor. Our full line of vacuum tubes are the best in the industry. The ECC83 is a mid gain tube and will have less gain than a 12AX7 (ECC803S). The objective is simply to try to find out what is the best of the best 12AX7. Grading and Matching. The good thing is that both tubes are inexpensive, so try both. $60 ea: 12AT7 Mullard CV4004/12AX7 Preamp Tubevacuum tube, valve, analog, vintage audio, amp component, amplifier, hotwire, hot rod, Russian tube, tubes, guitar amp, hifi, 12AX7, premium Jul 14, 2008 · From my own experience (but not with a DR): TubeTown-branded 7025 (Chinese-made, probably the same as Ruby Tubes-branded ones): not really a lot of difference gain-wise compared to other 12AX7; I like those for cleaner sounds from my Marshall JTM45-clone, because they seem to have slightly less mids and more shimmering treble. Both of these Tung Sol 12AX7's are ECC803S. (You can tell a Beijing 12AX7 from a Shuguang fairly easily - the Shuguangs have an octagonal middle mica. 6N2P tubes are a replacement for 12AX7 in any typical amp application, but they have 6. 5:22. Great warm tone and sound. Share. A pair of Psvane 12AX7-T tubes costs $95. Has a very high gain (warning talking about volume, no distortion). 4,280 results for tubes 12ax7 Save tubes 12ax7 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Went to Guitar Ctr and after being assured they'd work, I got the  24 Jan 2001 I was bored one day and took apart my Carvin R600 head and found a sovtek 12AX7 preamp tube in it. The JJ 12AX7 tubes are one of the most popular choices of preamp tubes, and with good reason. Guitar amplifier parts, guitar amplifier tubes and guitar amp tubes 12ax7, 6v6gt, EL84 Founded in 1920 in Southsfield, London, Mullard became known world wide for their reliable, high-quality components and vacuum tubes or "valves". V. We GUARANTEE THAT these are NOT reproductions or some off shore garbage. Beef up the gain in your amp by plugging these Tung-Sol 12AX7 tubes into the preamp section. back Ip vs Vp : V PP (V) : RL (kΩ) Copyright © 2015-2020 Amp Books LLC The JJ Electronic 12AX7 / ECC83 has quickly become a modern classic in preamp tubes. These are usually specially selected tubes, and are a great buy---when available! Sometimes, 12AX7A tubes made for the US Military are labeled 12AX7WA, and I have seen WB and WC versions. Manufacturers feel the need to make a distinction because the 12AX7/ECC83 employs a pin base format that is common to numerous other, lower gain, valves and one higher gain design - the 7025. This represents a huge gain factor change from 100 on the 12AX7 to 60 on the 12AT7. They don't simply mean the type of vacuum tube (for example, 12AT7 versus 12AU7) - they already know the type that they will be using. Not on mullardtubes. NOS Siemens are going for $175-$225. Radio tubes are valves. Battle of 12AX7. Great. Today, it is by far the most common preamp tube used for electric guitar amplification and there is an almost overwhelming supply of current production options to choose from. Thusly, I looked at the tubes the EL's were glowing bright, 12AX7's were out. For the EL34 tubes, you would remove, replace, and check/set bias. 12AX7 (ECC83) TUNG-SOL. Mar 10, 2014 · The Mullard 12AX7 / ECC83 Reissue is a nice tube but in my opinion better suited to home audio than guitar amps. It is also highly recommended for studio pre-amps and hi-fi gear. It is especially suited for use in resistance-coupled voltage amplifiers, phase inverters, multivibrators, and numerous industrial-control circuits where high voltage gain is desired. 12AX7 tube. 00/pair shipping for worldwide delivery. The 12AX7 was originally intended as replacement for the 6SL7 family of dual-triode amplifier tubes for audio applications. 85 mA. The tubes have well balanced triode pairs and a very even flat response. The TELEFUNKEN ECC83-TK is a well-balanced tube suited for all types of music and playing styles. Call now! 516-314-0357. An exact replacement. They sound similar to the Sovtek 12AX7 LPS tubes, but they have much cleaner and more detailed highs. Domestic US shipments under 1 pound usually ship USPS First Class. Dec 04, 2017 · Today I substituted the JJ 12AT7 in the preamp for the Tung-sol 12AX7 preamp tubes in V1,V4. We carry This is the "milspec" version of the 12AX7, but is also slightly different. The Master Valve . eBay is a good place to look. I have a volt/ohm-meter 12AX7 (also ECC83, 7025) The next time you need to re-tube your guitar, bass, or hi-fi amp, be sure to insist on getting authentic Electro-Harmonix tubes. For a comparison of all the 12AX7's we carry, click on the tech corner link at the top of this page. Currently, a 12AX7 variant derived from the 6N2P-EV is being produced by Sovtek, under the designation 12AX7WA. Mar 29, 2013 · 12AX7 Current Production Vacuum Tube Comparison 12AX7 Current Production Vacuum Tube Comparison 17 Different 12AX7 preamp tubes on Marshall style amp tested for V1 Large selection of NOS tubes. Originally, the 12AX7 / ECC83 vacuum tube was introduced to be a superior option for lower noise and microphonics over the 6SL7 tube that was commonly used in the 1940s. Made on Philips Mullard equipment and identical to a mullard 12ax7, but pumped in India, these have the exceptional tone of a Mullard and accentuated mids without the hefty price tag. 16. Can I roll . I was shocked when I heard these guys first hand, but the more I talked to people who knew these tubes the better I understood them. Of large lamps tested, the Tung-Sol 12AX7 Reissue is one of the player in my various config. I replaced them with Tung Sols in V1 and V2. NEW (NOS) These are decent general purpose 12AX7's for non-critical applications. As a popular choice for guitar tube amplifiers, its ongoing use in such equipment makes it one of the few small-signal vacuum tubes in continuous production since it was introduced. A. This is the rerest "Long-Plate" 2-getter support audio tubes ever made, with fast response, overwhelming detail, the most realistic bass, and overall perfection in a 12AX7 / ECC83 class of tubes. Its rugged design and rich harmonics make this tube an obvious choice for musicians who need a reliable and high quality tube at a reasonable price. I had ruby 12ax7 ac5 hg's in my amp. audiotubes 220,045 views. All the mains brands are covered. Thier pins can bend & break, so be careful when re-installing. If you are looking to upgrade the tubes in your amp, 12AX7 in V1 where you want to start. I've also tried JJ's, Sovtek and Groove Tubes but the only current production tube that was able to compete, in my opinion, was the Tung-Sol 12AX7 I mentioned. 12AX7 General Purpose, Misc. MULLARD TRIO (THREE) 12AX7 ECC83 Long Plate Preamp Tubes $ 51. So much in fact that a lot of 12AX7A's were labeled 7025's (a very quiet version of the 12AX7). They draw more current than a 12AX7 as well as having different internal capacitance between elements and a different plate dissipation. ) I think the problem is more likely the cheap-ass tubes that you have in there. Small signal tubes (12AX7's, 6DJ8's, etc. Filament Current. A Mini Review of Three 12AT7 Tubes. To put it differently, the 12AY7 can often replace a 12AX7 in your amplifier and give you a rich, warm tone with lower gain than a 12AX7. com? Contact us or drop us line, we have limited quanitities of limited tubes. NIB 12AX7 long plate tubes made in the 1950’s. 6V filament voltage, that voltage is applied to pins 4 and 5. Shop our great selection of 12AX7, 12AX7A, 12AX7EA, 7025, ECC83, ECC803S, 5751 (low gain), CV492, 7058, 12DF7, CV4004, B339, E83CC, M8137vacuum tubes now. The JJ's just were dull, and lifeless sounding to me. Rod ~ World Tube Company Amperex ( Bugle Boy ) These vacuum tubes are used in high end guitar Amplifiers and audio gear, AC/DC radio equipment and in many diversified applications such a multivibrators or oscillators in industrial control devices. Made by Tungsram (Hungary). Same tube, different brand name. They have smooth gray plates, just like the famed Telefunken 12AX7 tubes they were modeled after. a tube with mu 10 amplifies the input voltage around 10  Tube Depot carries a selection of 12AX7 / ECC83 / 7025 / CV4004 Pre Amp Vacuum Tubes. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. The production batch of "new" Silver Specials yielded about 25% that were usable, The India made BEL 12AX7 is by far the best value in 12AX7 tubes. Audio tubes for guitar amplifiers and audiophile equipment. Is it correct and is the 12BH7 a drop-in >replacement for the ECC83? The 12BH7 is a very different tube from the 12AX7. They are very close but the gold pin will have slightly less gain in the mids. 12AX7 preamp tubes play a remarkable, dynamic role in the creation of the final tone in your vacuum tube amplifier. I had concerns would this make the pow Mullard 12AT7 made in the UK NEW (NOS) These are the same tubes as above but have different branding like GE, Sylvania, etc. 12AX7 / CV4004 BRIMAR ENGLAND (Brimar tubes are excellent in the phono section. 330. 12AX7 was the US designation for it's consumer grade version of this tube. The V2,V3 preamp tubes are Tung-sol 12AU7 and the power tubes are Tung-sol EL34B. 3V operation pins 4 and 5 are shorted, and for 12. See our Best 12AX7 Review for more information. The gold Lions sound wonderful. For this article, we’ll concentrate on the question of the ECC83 vs 12Ax7 tubes. Looking for ECC83, 7025 Tubes? You can use any current production 12AX7 tube as 12AX7A, ECC83 or 7025. 2018 Genalex Gold Lion Standard Pin 12AX7 - 4:23 ๋๋JJ 12AX7 - 4:43 12AX7 - Do different preamp tubes make a sonic difference? From Behringer  Graph Interpretation. Title: 12AX7 6AX7 Author: Sylvania Subject: JA-FP-2002-03-23 Created Date: 3/24/2002 12:54:30 AM Nov 19, 2013 · These tubes are hard to find, and will run you $50 to $150. It was developed around 1946 by RCA engineers in Camden, New Jersey, under developmental number A-4522. Learn more about Fender electric basses. 300 Watts @ 4 Ohms (165 @ 8), Simul-State™ Power / 6 Tube Driven Power MOSFET’s, 2x12AX7Active/Passive Input Switch. KCA NOS Tubes. Read more Buy your JJ Tubes 12AX7/ECC83 Preamp Tube from Sam Ash and receive the guaranteed lowest price. The 12AX7. We design and manufacture our tubes, engineered for demanding high fidelity, reliability and overall warmth. May 17, 2014 · How to Spot Super Rare 12AX7 Vacuum Tubes part I - Duration: 5:22. The most rare of the West German Long Plates! Rare. Made by VOSKHOD factory (ROCKET logo). These reviews are a vital resource for learning about manipulating your amplifier’s tone through better tube choices. If you have done any tube rolling, you know from experience that the 12AX7 has more effect on amplifier sound than the following 12AU7 or any other low/medium gain stage. Their dynamic sound is low in microphonics for clear output. But if the designer says it will work in THIS application, you should assume it's OK to make the substitution. The 12AX7 / ECC83. Make sure you buy them from sellers with lots of positive feedback, and make sure you get one that has been tested. Domestic US shipments between 1-7. 00 In Stock! NOS Tubes Precision Tested and Ready to Ship! I used Tung Sol 12ax7's in both of my Marshall V1 slots until I could afford great NOS tubes. Petersburg Russia: $20. NOS RCA ARE THE BEST SOUNDING 12AX7 TUBES EVER PRODUCED! I’m going to buy up enough of these tubes to keep my AC30 running at least until the Large Hadron Collider sucks us all into eternity, possibly even longer. Mullard 12AX7 / ECC83 - Price of NOS 12AX7s got you down? This new re-issue of the famous Mullard 12AX7 made in Russia is the answer to your woes! Very low noise and microphony make this tube an excellent candidate for many touchy preamps and phonostage applications. Is this the right way to do it or am I doing something wrong? Would you do it in another way? What is the maximum number of hours one can have tubes working, in this case 12AX7 without messing them up due to heat/overheat? I guess it depends on the weather one lives in. The W is the military type code, A,B, and C are progressively later productions. Filament Voltage. Another common name for the 12AX7 tube is ECC83 and for premium versions the 7025 and ECC803 audio tubes. More Buying Choices $22. 5) Mullard 1963 12ax7 NOS matched pair $200 6) Mullard 1958/9 12ax7 NOS Long plate matched pair $300 7) Mullard CV4004/12ax7 NOS Royal Air Force matched pair $240 8) Mazda Silver Plate late ’50’s/early ’60’s 12ax7 NOS matched pair $450 9) Mullard 1966 12au7 NOS matched pair $120 10) Mullard 1969 12at7 NOS matched pair $60 These are usually specially selected tubes, and are a great buy---when available! Sometimes, 12AX7A tubes made for the US Military are labeled 12AX7WA, and I have seen WB and WC versions. #10729. Mullard tubes and valves of all kinds - we have largest supply of Mullard Tubes in the world! Looking for that rare power valve? We probibly have that too. 3V heater voltage and would need a different wiring than stock 12AX7's. When the tubes have been working on for 150 hours I considered them broke in. BUY Power Tubes; BUY Rectifier Tubes; BUY Preamp Tubes Sovtek tubes are quite simply the absolute best. This 1960s Telefunken ECC83 / 12AX7 has smooth gray plates and a diamond imprint on the base. The 12AY7 tubes are not 12AX7’s and have many different properties. Get the guaranteed best price on Preamp Tubes like the Tung-Sol 12AX7 Tube at Musician's Friend. New Ruby Tubes 7025's in stock. They possess a smooth and balanced response across the tonal spectrum and are extremely lively, open and expressive. 6V filament operation 12. There is a key difference between the 5751 and the 12AX7. The amp is a SF Princeton NR and I am getting some RCA NOS tubes. . Wow sounds killer really warmed the amp up yet kept the clarity. It is an excellent replacement for any 12AX7, ECC83, or 7025 and is an improvement on these tubes. I've always wanted to do a review of 12AX7 tubes but felt that there were too many variables. Use your scroll button to scroll down each page to see every tube listing! To see every tube we stock, click on "Complete Tube Stock List". Following on from Matt Lachesky’s article ‘Mullard ECC83 (12AX7) Reissue vs Original – A Physical Comparison’ in which he performed a dissection of a ‘Reissue’ New Sensor Mullard 12AX7 (American for ECC83) and an authentic Mullard Blackburn ECC83 tube, I decided to undertake some additional electrical performance measurements of these two tubes to supplement his findings. The B759 is a very low noise Genalex UK made 12AX7, with matched triode elements. Mar 15, 2020 · I received the 12AX7LS super tubes and their performance is super! Put the new tubes in and turn on, first 10 mins, comparing to Psvane 12AX7-TII…the new super tube has lower noise floor, sound is more dense and transparent, bass is deeper and better bass layering. Read our reviews or we'll help you with a recommendation. The white print on the glass is labeled for other companies (Fisher, Dynaco, Silvertone, etc) and says "Made in Western Germany" (label may be partial). Today's new production Mullard tubes are constructed with the same commitment to quality and reliability. 00. Mesa/Boogie MESA 12AX7 Preamplifier Tube Features: Premium-grade, high-gain preamplifier tube Power Tubes or more accurately termed Output tubes are what provide the big sound. Sound is richer and much more transparent. I like it a lot. nos rca 12ay7 6072 (12ax7 ecc83) tubes for fender pro new in original box ultra-low-noise free new old stock! tube museum quality nos nib rca usa new in original box 12ay7a = 6072 made in usa May 08, 2013 · Current Production 12AX7 Tubes Click on this image for a larger image I have been promising a current test of some of the current production 12AX7 / ECC83 offerings and have just completed my testing. 49 (2 new offers) Go back to filtering menu ← A Comparison of Current Production 12AX7 Tubes. May 23, 2013 · The 12ax7 is a miniature high-mu twin triode, each section of which has an individual cathode connection. Telefunken Smooth Plate 12ax7 Vacuum Tubes $395. Tubes have been there since the beginning, and their unmatched sound quality and characteristics have kept tube-based amps at the top of the music scene right up to today. 00 on eBay. Only at Sweetwater! FREE Shipping and FREE Tech Support for 12AX7 Guitar Amp Tubes! like crap inside. TESLA E83CC - FRAME GRID NOS TUBES - MATCHED PAIR - TELEFUNKEN ECC803S. I have built a small handful of these kits and I got a number of listening sessions in along the way. (*)These specifications are provided 'as-is', with no warranty of any kind. Call 800-472-6274 for expert advice. NOS tube with original data sheet. 4 out of 5 stars 31. jpg. 3-12. These are nice military spec tubes. ECC83 was the European designation for the 12AX7 -- the tubes were functionally identical. I am getting some new tubes for my amp. 12AX7 / ECC83 / CV4004 / CV492. It is popular with tube amplifier enthusiasts, and its ongoing use in such equipment makes it one of the few small-signal vacuum tubes in continuous production since it was introduced. These are not military tubes and are not NOS tubes at all. 027: JJ 12AX7/ECC83 Nice sounding modern production tube from JJ with small JJ plate structure Small plate: $12. Tips for Buying 12AX7 Vacuum Tubes. Considered the HOLY-GRAIL of the Siemens & Halske Munich West Germany tubes. 9 pounds usually ship FedEx Ground or USPS Priority Mail. The JJ 12AX7 / ECC83 Preamp Vacuum Tubes (Three Pack) are one of gold standards for preamp tubes and these are the best! I replaced one in my Marshall   12DF7: This rather rare tube was only produced in the USA. The 5751WA tube is a rugged military version of the 5751, and is the closest equivalent to the 6N2P-EV. How many more those you have in stock? Rich Description: This 12AX7 LS special edition model is developed for the high end guitar amp market for its wonderful tonality, and also work extremely well for the ultra-fidelity audiophile market. Enjoy our 45-day return policy. 12AX7 / 7025 Tube Reviews. I was wondering if the 12AX7 and 12AX7A are interchangeable? If there any advantage of using one over the other. The TESLA (NOT JJ) E83CC frame grid tubes are the BEST you can buy, when you do not want to spend. A pair of generic Shuguangs is $20. The MESA 12AX7 is a lively, open, and expressive tube. MESA SPAX7s deliver the lowest noise floor for the highest gain Tube 12AX7 or Röhre 12AX7 ID3730, Double Triode, Noval, B9A and Audio Frequency shown. You'll also find that the MESA 12AX7 is both consistent and reliable in its smooth, balanced tonal response. Get the guaranteed lowest prices 12AX7 Tubes at Musician’s Friend. I'm looking to spend more like $10-$20 per tube. Was wondering if anyone can shed some light. Synergy Hifi 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes New era There is a new era of high quality tubes coming from different parts of the world and China is becoming (if not so already) one of the largest manufacturers of valves. You could use a tube pre amp for decades and possibly still not have to replace tubes despite the fact virtually any modern pre amp runs in class A operation. >I have a circuit currently using ECC83 tubes, but the designer says that a >12BH7 would give lower distortion. May 18, 2019 · Changing tubes in an amp can be a particularly challenging experience, especially since there seems to be such an abundance of them. Apr 19, 2019 · From the 12AX7 uniform plate characteristic curve, I chose the idle running point in a relatively linear region. I picked two tubes out of six for my distortion and overdrive guitar pedals. Here is what I got: High Priced Tubes 1. Free shipping on orders $105 and over. You may be looking to give your favorite Hi-Fi audio device a new source of power. These tubes are selected during our rigorous 12AX7 testing process and when found to be substantially more stable and quiet in extreme high gain applications, they are fitted with a shrink-wrap shielding, further stabilizing the tube and reducing external interference and noise. There are different tonal characteristics from each tube. The 5751 has the same plate resistance as the 12AX7, but the gain factor is only 70 compared to 100 for the 12AX7. For new production 12AX7 tubes, I have used and really like the Mullard reissues and for a little more money the Psvane 12AX7s or the Sophia 12AX7s. 12AX7 tube is the most common preamp tube today. Described as big, warm, and musical. At $99 per pair for their highest grade, the Shuguang Psvane (Pavane) 12AX7′s are a bargain. Then I took apart my Digitech BP8 and  What is the difference between a 12AX7 tube and a 12AX7A tube? My HH Scott 222c has 12AX7s and my Jolida cdp has 12AX7As. Jan 03, 2014 · Either the Tianjin ECC83 or any of the China 7025 tubes is preferable to the Psvane… and the Tube Store “Preferred Series 7025” is a GREAT tube for only $25; I prefer it by far to the modern New Sensor Mullard re-issue 12AX7 by a huge margin and even favor it over the expensive Gold Lion 12AX7 reissue tubes in certain applications. It has made a big difference. 028: Chinese 12AX7/ECC83 Nice sounding tube from China: $10. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. I use it as input to the low gain amplifier, and position cold bias (distortion of floor) on High gain. A Comparison of Current Production 12AX7 Tubes. Various brand names and countries of origin. JJ Electronic - Vacuum tubes, Capacitors, Amplifiers. Vacuum tubes, Vintage tubes and Ruby Tubes are what Magic Parts is all about. 12AY7, 12AT7, and even 12DW7 are usually decent lower-gain replacements for 12AX7's. 12AX7 Tubes. Ideally, every 12AX7 should yield the same gain when placed in the  Tube 12AX7 or Röhre 12AX7 ID3730, Double Triode, Noval, B9A and Audio Frequency shown. More to the point here, though, is the fact that the gain of the first preamp tube—often referred to  12AX7 Tube Review. Compared to the other one, the RT is *slightly* more on the bassy side, just a little, difference with made me use it with the overdrive. Re: High gain 12ax7 tubes? The 12AX7 is, by definition, a high gain pre-amp valve (tube). Are you looking for the very best tubes for your vacuum tube amplifier? This is the place to start. Jun 08, 2018 · The 12AX7, 12AT7, and 12AU7 all belong to the same family of nine contact, twin triode tubes. Use of these parameters shall be entirely at the user's own risk. The Ultimate 12AX7. With the 12AX7 being such a popular tube in vintage as well as current preamplifiers, a great 12AX7 is always in demand. I also didn't trust my ears to be objective for  The Telefunken ECC83 is maybe the one and only tube in the ECC83/12AX7 range, which behaves is such a neutral way with its sound characteristic, that we   Back to T-Rex Webshop. The 12AX7 tubes are also known as ECC83S, but they are the same tube – 12AX7 is the US name, and ECC83 is the European name. SORRY GUYS, MATCHED TUBES ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Matched Preamp tubes 12AX7, 12AT7 and 5751 These tubes are dual triodes in which the A and B sides are closely matched for use in the phase inverter or driver position of musical instrument amplifiers. Ray, New York I just wanted to thank you and give you feedback on the really excellent sounding pair of Sophia Electric 12AX7 tubes that you sent out to me. High Gain, ultra-low microphonics, and superb linearity with a dynamic 3-D sound. They are very balanced from top to bottom and have low noise and microphonics) - ORANGE AD30HTC - MARSHALL - BELLARI PHONO - EAR - McIntosh SONIC COMMENTS: ----- "Brendan, you nailed it with this recommendation for my bellari vp129 phono stage. F. All tubes are being sold in matched pairs & have been tested for micro phonics. The 12AX7, also known as ECC83, is a vacuum tube that is a miniature dual triode – 6AV6 with high voltage gain. They did a admiral job, and lasted long. Genalex B759 long plate 2. In MOST circuits the 5751 can be used as a substitute for the 12AX7. 6V is between pins 4 and 5. Tone is very subjective as you know, and they might work great in some amps. Look no further as eBay has you covered with their extensive selection of 12AX7 vacuum tubes, compatible with all kinds of different audio playback devices. Interchangable tubes: 12AX7 12AX7A ECC83 7025 Walkabout Amp. The 12AX7 is a high-gain (typical gain factor 100), low plate current triode, and is therefore best suited for use in the preamplifier (input and mid-level) stages of audio amplifiers, guitar amps , mic preamps etc. The tubes gave this amp a nice breakup with a more 3D sound and feel, just more depth and tone all around. Tested good for transconductance. The JJ ECC83MG is latest offering in the JJ 12AX7 lineup. Aug 12, 2011 · This truism places the 12AX7/ECC83 class at the top of a list for the most important tubes in your amplifier. Tube amps use multiple tubes, and the first position is referred to as V1. ECC83MG (12AX7). On sale is one matching pair of Amperex 12AX7 vacuum tube. With a lower gain than a standard 12AX7, the 5751 can help reign in a high gain amplifier. The free shipping option allows TubeDepot to choose the most appropriate carrier and service. A COMPARISON OF CURRENT PRODUCTION 12AX7 TUBES ®2014 Frequency Response (Separated into Three Ranges) T-12AX7-MUL Lows Mids Highs 12345678910 (10) 3 Noise NOS RCA 12ax7: I can’t stress this highly enough. Mike, Thank you for recommending the NOS RFT 12AX7 to warm up my 65 Amps Empire. Preamp tubes are the tiny tubes that deserve the most attention. A tube that takes some  The JJ 12Ax7 Pre-amp Tube - Our Number 1 Selling Product. So the bottom line is that you can use either of these tubes in your Marshall amp. ECC83 Tesla. NEW ECC83 Tungsram tubes NEW ECC83 Tungsram tubes NEW ECC83 Tungsram tubes. Many tube manufacturers would buy their tubes from overseas vendors such as Mullard and put their name on it. ) However, IMO, the 6SN7 sounds way way better than any 12AU7 (I have done the listening tests, FWIW). Want to know and understand what each 12AX7 tubes characteristics are, This chart is a great way to see what brand provides the right amount of gain and how it may help you search for the right tone. Tube Basics and FAQ Grading and Matching Vacuum Tube Warranty & Return Policy Cryogenic Treating Tube Testing Equipment Why We Don't Sell Certain  The 12AX7 is a 9 pin tube commonly found in the preamp stage of guitar amps. Packing : in Tungsram box. Posted on 2017/06/13 by Steve Graham in Preamplifiers, Tubes // 11 Comments. The 12AT7 also has a gain factor of 70, but since the plate resistance is different, the 5751 is closer to the 12AX7. Small signal tubes are all about eliminating tube internal noise More Info » New Gain Matched Quad of JJ 5751 Low Gain Vacuum Tubes The JJ 5751 can be used in most 12AX7 circuits to help stave off early break-up. ค. Bias is best done by trained amp tech. The preamp tube takes the incoming guitar signal and amplifies it & distorts it if desired and feeds it into the power amp section. There are three different types of tubes that can be found in an amp, and of those, preamp tubes are easily the most crucial to your final sound. It was released for public sale under the 12AX7 identifier on September 15, 1947. Both tubes are coded Δ3F2 and date 351. The JJ Electronic 12AX7 / ECC83 has quickly become a modern classic in preamp tubes. All these tubes are interchangable and all have the same gain structure. ECC83 Telefunken 12AX7 Types My regular job does not have any connections with vacuum tubes, except for the music endlessly playing on my tube amplifiers. The 12AX7 filaments are between pins 4, 5, and 9, when for 6. 12AX7 (also known as ECC83) is a vacuum tube that is a miniature dual triode - 6AV6 with high voltage gain. Save a few bucks with these. Check out the following tube reviews for guidance in getting the best possible tone out of your tube gear. ) have extended lifespan when compared to power output tubes. JJ Electronic is a world-renowned manufacturer of vacuum tubes which has been building  16 Jul 2018 12Ax7 tubes from Tung-Sol and JJ Electronic. (Worst of all is when a 12AX7 is used as CF, which I have seen in some products. Fender Groove Tubes GT-12AX7-C Select Amplifier Tube. Great for Marshalls and Fenders. As such, lots were combined. Beautiful tubes ECC83 is the british name for a 12AX7. Eli D. Designed to allow for cleaner headroom than higher gain 12AX7s when pushed into overdrive, it offers distortion with strongly defined lows, a rich mid range and clean, smooth highs. Right now I have about 15 hours on to the tube. Home › Preamp Tubes › 12AX7 / ECC83 / CV4004 / 5751. These people mean the brand name of the vacuum tube. Be sure to insist on genuine Sovtek vacuum tubes the next time you retube -- you'll be getting the | 12AX7WA 12AX7 replace 7025 (the industrial name). While many lovers of vacuum tubes enjoy the hunt for NOS (new old stock) tubes, great deals on NOS tubes are few and far inbetween. There were a number of tubes like 12AX7 included. This was a tube auction only and just a few people bid. All 12AX7 tubes have an amplification factor (μ) of 100 (" high-mu"). Thanks! The JJ 12AX7 / ECC83 Preamp Vacuum Tubes (Three Pack) are one of gold standards for preamp tubes and these are the best! I replaced one in my Marshall JCM 2000 Head and so far so good. I used a ruby hg+ in V3 and a Sovtek 12ax7 LPS in V4 (PI). Domestic US shipments over 8 pounds will be subject to shipping fees. So here we have following possible cases: 1) In the 12AX7 designed gear for 12. Prior to building the enclosure, I tried the preamp with the NAD C542 and the LM3875 monoblocks. Mar 11, 2020 · Recently, I bid on several lots of tubes that included transmitting tubes, rectifiers, voltage regulators, as well as tubes from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. $18 ea: 12AX7 USA Used: 12AX7 USA USED These are good quality tubes which are a good choice where price is an issue. tubes 12ax7

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